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My Whisky and Whiskey experience in Sapporo and Scotland

The first time I have tried whisky was in Sapporo, the north island of Japan. I was sent by the company that I used to work in Tokyo to work at their office in Sapporo for 8 months when I was about 24-25 years old. I loved the life in Sapporo. More than in Tokyo, […]

I loved the Afternoon tea in London

Y is a girl who showed us everything that we know about London now. I asked her out for the Afternoon tea on Sunday. She excitedly took us to one of her favorite tea houses in London. The house was cute, warm and filled with nice smell of tea. The three tier cake plate was decorated […]

Bad is bad! Food in UK

I was absolutely excited being in my dream place, London. However the food woke me up from the dream. Fish and Chips! I don’t need to mention that it’s one of the representatives of British food. Deep fly the plain white fish and season it with lemon juice and salt. It’s not bad. Since it […]

Wandering in London

We finally made our way to London! When I woke up on the over-night bus which ran from Paris to London, and looked around outside the window, we were already in the centre of London where there were full of people, cars, taxis, and bicycles rushing for work. I said in my mind, it’s like […]