This is about when we went to meet a citrus collector in Eus, South France. We hopped on a train which runs only a few times a day to see this very interesting man from a few hours away in another part of France. Ken, my husband, also has a page on this adventure with […]

I finally got to try the French crêpe in France! I was totally in love with the simple style. Like many other Japanese people, I like crêpes. What we have in Japan have many variety. There are different kinds of salad type and dessert type. I like them both. The crêpe I tried in France […]

I think you will too have some culture shock when you come to Monaco during your backpacking trip. We always carry the minimum amount of clothes and wash by hands. When there is a hole on our clothes, we patch it and wear again. One day when we were on a middle class train coach […]

Here I am at Piemonte in the north Italy. I love being in a countryside like here. It’s quite and the food tastes good. However, a countryside in Piemonte is not just a “countryside”. I hope you can sort of get an idea what I mean. There are wine fields as far as you can […]

“To live in a winery” was my dream when I was a junior high school student. The dream which I have almost forgotten came true this year in South Italy! Having said that though, I don’t consider my trip as just about fun. The stay at the winery in South Italy was like the “carrot” […]

It’s already been one year and a half since we started traveling with miso. And now, it is about the time that everything we have done is coming to form a shape. I started to understand really how special my experience is through serving miso soup to the people all over the world. I am […]

I attended Salone del Gusto 2014 which is the biggest food festival in the world. Tachibana Hompo, which sends me miso from Nigata, Japan to where ever I am in the world, invited me to join on the last day of this event. I enjoyed it so much!   People come from all over Italy […]