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Playing Cricket and Sheep – Another Side of India

Source: Ken’s blog on Jan 7th Place: Bodhagaya We kept our promise with the kids at a dormitory in Niranjana Public School to come back to see them again. We went back there at this time to see them play cricket which they say they play everyday. What is cricket In the first place? I […]

A Visit to an Orphanage

Source: Ken’s blog on Jan 5th Place: Bodhagaya Mr. Yoshimoto, who we met in Bodhgaya and ever since became a good friend of ours, invited us to visit an orphanage which Mr. Yoshimoto gives a financial support. The reasons which kids live in the orphanage vary. Some don’t have parents, homes to live, or do […]

Celebration of Republic Day of India

Me and my husband, Ken, joined a celebration of Republic day of India on Jan 26th, 2014 at Niranjana Public Welfare School and Beam School near Bodh Gaya, India. Indian kids love festivals and dancing Indian people love festivals and when there are festivals, they dance. It is their culture to dance. Even the school […]

Miso-soup by a Japanese Chef in Bodhgaya

I met a great Japanese chef in Bodhgaya. His name is Hiroshi and works as a chief cook of Japanese food section in a upper class hotel, Regency Hotel Bodhgaya. How fancy it is, to give you an idea, that his full-course meal of Japanese cuisine costs 1500 to 1800Rp whereas one plate of local […]

Mysterious Tibet

India was my second time to go. This is why I already had an image of “India” in my mind, however, I have to say it was definitely something else that I witnessed here in Bodhgaya.  What I saw was the Buddhist pilgrims from around the world including Tibet. When I was taking photos at Mahabodhi […]