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Traveling from Malaysia to Indonesia by Boats

Choosing the means of transportation is one of the keys to define your trip. We, as budget backpackers, try to avoid any airplane because 1) it’s expensive, 2) you don’t see the gradual changes of the landscapes, the people, the cultures and so on. Therefore, in order to appreciate your trip more, the other possibilities […]

Go to a country side, work as a volunteer, stay with a family -Mongolia-

Have you ever heard about “Workaway” which you can basically work as a volunteer and get food and a bed in return? It is a great way to meet anyone who is willing to show you a nomad way of life in Mongolia. It is perfect for budget tourists especially when you are a type […]

A cheap way to enter Mongolia from China

The very first thing we, as backpackers, try to do is to find out what’s fun and interesting about the places we stop by. The second thing that comes up in our mind is this question, “Is it affordable?”.  So here is our case. We decided to go to Mongolia because what’s out there seemed […]