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Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

I don’t really believe in fortune telling, but why not give it a try! Turkish coffee differs from what we have in the West and Japan where had been influenced from the West. They roast and grind the coffee beans really fine, then boil from water. When it is served in a cup, you find […]

The World Luxury Food, Coffee and Alcohol

I think Turkish people know how to enjoy food really. They drink tea very often anytime of the day, but they also enjoy slowly and carefully brewed coffee sometime after eating. The Turkish wine called Raki is also good. It is clear and simple but got natural sweet taste and good with fruits, lam, fish, […]

South Indian Dishes from Kerala

It has been a week since we came down to Trivandrum, Kerala in the south from Bodhgaya, Bihar in the north east! India can be very roughly divided into north and south, and here in the south I have tried many dishes that never seen in the north. I introduce some of our breakfast, lunch, […]