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Making miso soup to Kurdish people in Turkey

We have met a lot of nice Kurdish people as we traveled from near the Turkish border in Iran to SouthEast Turkey. I tried making miso soup to some of them, but the fact is, none of them liked it. We were just walking down the street in Tabriz where is the Iranian border town […]

Exploring Persian Food

The length of our stay in Iran was only for 10 days, which is the second shortest after our Singapore trip. I think that the best way to taste the country’s delicacy is to eat homemade food when someone invites you over to their houses! 10 days was a little too short for us to […]

My Favorite Coconuts Dish in India

India is going mad. The daytime temperature sometimes exceeds 40℃. Still, there are those Indian men who ride a cycle ricksha, pushing a wheelbarrow to deliver or sell something in this hot weather. On the other hand, I get dizzy if I go outside on a daytime just to eat something even. This hot weather […]

Making Miso Soup at 3300m point on Himalaya

I also wrote about this story on my serial publication, “MISO SOUP IN THE WORLD“(in Japanese), to sekaishinbun.net (世界新聞). Please check that out as well. Here is a village called Upper Pisang at 3300m altitude on Himalaya mountain range. I made miso soup at a guesthouse where my husband and I stayed and served it […]

Food I had in Himalaya and Pokhara

Here is food that I had in Himalaya and Pokhara. “Dalbhat”, One of the most famous Nepali dish “Dal” means lentil soup, “bhat” means rice. Dal is also served in Indian dishes too. However, dal in Nepal tastes different from the Indian’s. It is sort of less spicy but more beans and tastes more like […]

I Made Miso Soup to a Burmese Monk

This post is translated from one of my serial reports of MISO SOUP IN THE WORLD >世界新聞. Myanmar is a developing country where the US economic sanction has been stopped since 2012 and is refereed to “the last frontier in South East Asia”. The 85% of the population is buddhist, and the number of the […]

A Restaurant where You can Purchase Happiness

“Leave your worried and emotional before get in to Steve Cafe and Cuisine. Then just sit, wait, talk, eat drink, that is we call happiness!!” This is what is written at the entrance of the restaurant. Food tastes as mild as what mom or grandmother makes for you, but every dish is presented as nice […]