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What’s in Our Bags?

We are backpackers who are traveling round the world. We go to places where we can camp,  in both cold and hot weather. I would like to share the items that we think it is good to bring with you for your trip. Backpack – It is always good have a big backpack. Of course […]

Rice Paddy in Java

The rice production of Japan is ranked the 9th, Indonesia is the 3rd in the world! Rice production in indonesia has been the center of life of the people for long time like in Japan.

Our Quarter Japanese Indonesian Friend is a Pro of Taking Coconuts

I had a sense that Indonesia can go wild when I first entered this country. As soon as I saw this guy, Hendly, cut off 5 coconuts by his knife on the coconut tree, I wondered how many Japanese can do the same thing at the same speed. Interesting enough to me, his grand father […]

Bigger the City, More Variety of Food

One of the reasons why I needed to make it to Indonesia is to see the lands of more than 300 languages spoken by more than 8000 inhabitants in one nation! Within an island like Sulawesi, it looks clearly that food and the economic development widely differ even in the eye of a tourist like me. […]

garbage bunaken

Five Steps to be a more Eco-friendly Tourist

Unfortunately I never noticed that generating  garbage is bad when I was in Japan because the garbage go somewhere invisible to my eye after being collected  from the garbage bins accordance with laws and regulations. As we were in a country-side of Borneo, Malaysia, where the government’s garbage pick-up services do not ran, we realized that […]

Business class or executive class? Enjoyable train trip between Yogyakarta and Jakarta

It is only 10 hours duration and brings you from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. There are train schedules on the daytime or nighttime, but I strongly recommend to take the daytime because the scenery is just beautiful. Another thing I want to recommend to those who are on budget is the business class over the executive. […]