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Japan Miso Press July Issue

Let’s look miso over again for your beauty and health! Japan Miso Press is a newspaper which publishes 50 thousands copies every year. I am contributing articles from “味噌玉世界旅 Take a Scoop of Miso with You” to July edition. July edition gives you tips to combat summer heat fatigue by eating a great variety of […]

Rice Paddy in Java

The rice production of Japan is ranked the 9th, Indonesia is the 3rd in the world! Rice production in indonesia has been the center of life of the people for long time like in Japan.

A meal in Inner Mongolia in China

This happened to be the first time and the last time to eat out in Inner Mongolia for us. The lam meat smelt nice and strong, the spice was perfectly merged into the meat and soup. At the end it created very mild taste although it is spicy. The meal costed almost the same price […]

garbage bunaken

Five Steps to be a more Eco-friendly Tourist

Unfortunately I never noticed that generating  garbage is bad when I was in Japan because the garbage go somewhere invisible to my eye after being collected  from the garbage bins accordance with laws and regulations. As we were in a country-side of Borneo, Malaysia, where the government’s garbage pick-up services do not ran, we realized that […]