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I Made Yoginis Try Miso-soup

I stayed at a Yoga ashram for 10 days in India where of course is the birthplace of yoga. The 10 days turned out to be not just a relaxing luxury vacation but also stimulating because of the ongoing meetings with new people and spending lots of time with those who are from different parts […]

South Indian Dishes from Kerala

It has been a week since we came down to Trivandrum, Kerala in the south from Bodhgaya, Bihar in the north east! India can be very roughly divided into north and south, and here in the south I have tried many dishes that never seen in the north. I introduce some of our breakfast, lunch, […]

Indian Train Trip and Snacks

We spent one and a half month already in Bodhgaya since we’ve arrived at India. Because Bodhgaya locates in the north, it gets cold like in winter in Tokyo. We decided to make a train trip for 41 hours toward south to relax at somewhere warm and nice. This time I will write about how […]