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What’s in Our Bags?

We are backpackers who are traveling round the world. We go to places where we can camp,  in both cold and hot weather. I would like to share the items that we think it is good to bring with you for your trip. Backpack – It is always good have a big backpack. Of course […]

Having Miso Soup with a Local Fisher Man

Amai Milon is the name of the fisher man we admire. When we tired to catch fish we got only 20 of small fish. When he goes to sea, he catches incredible variety of fish.

A Local Market in Malaysia

“Jalan Jalan tam” in Malay language means taking a walk around a market. Today, we jalan jalan tam and found dried fish that is just like what we use for taking broth in Japan! The resemblance of the food cultures of Japan and Malaysia can definitely be found. One is because both have a big […]

A relaxed stay and activities after climbing Mt. Kinabalu

One of the most popular tourists’ destination in Borneo is Mt. Kinabalu. Of course it depends on how good you are though, after climbing the highest mountain in South East Asia, you are going to be exhorted by all means. What would you do after climbing Mt. Kinabalu before your flight back to your own […]