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Sharing miso soup in Venezuela

I met Jhon Michel and Jhon Nickel in the hotel where I am staying in Mérida. Michel is 13 and Nickel is 12 years old. Their mom is just 28 years old. Moms in Venezuela in general tend to be young. When I see around 10 years old kids, their moms happen to be like […]

How I get miso during the world trip

It’s already been one year and a half since we started traveling with miso. And now, it is about the time that everything we have done is coming to form a shape. I started to understand really how special my experience is through serving miso soup to the people all over the world. I am […]

I Made Miso Soup to a Mongolian Couple

This post is translated from an article I wrote on MISO SOUP IN THE WORLD > 世界新聞. Miso is becoming broadly famous especially served as miso-soup. What would happen if Mongolian people who have very different food culture from Japanese eat miso soup?! I have been traveling the world since June 2013. The purpose of […]

Grocery Shopping at a Gigantic Mall and Make Miso Soup

Grocery shopping in Bangkok should be inexpensive usually except for the supermarkets in a huge mall like The Mall in Bangkapi. I was very surprised to see how gigantic the shopping mall is and the number of Japanese enterprises as Uniqulo and Yamazaki Bakery in the mall. Our friend’s mother, Toi, who is letting us […]

A Restaurant where You can Purchase Happiness

“Leave your worried and emotional before get in to Steve Cafe and Cuisine. Then just sit, wait, talk, eat drink, that is we call happiness!!” This is what is written at the entrance of the restaurant. Food tastes as mild as what mom or grandmother makes for you, but every dish is presented as nice […]

Okonomiyaki and Miso Soup

Sharing okonomiyaki and miso soup with the family. The source for okonomiyaki was based on soy source and lime and chili added. Miso soup is no longer alien to this family. 🙂

French Roommates Try the Soup!

This became our first time making miso soup for someone on the trip. They are from France and were our roommates at a guesthouse we stayed in Ulan Bator. I knew they were going to like it because they told me that they even went to a Japanese restaurant after arriving at Ulan Bator. Yes, […]