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I like Berlin because the people were nice

We are often asked which country was the best so far in our trip. It is very difficult to answer. Every country has its own charm. Therefore our answer would be many, for example this to eat, that to work, and that to visit friends.   Berlin, though, gave us one of the best impressions. […]

Making Miso Soup at 3300m point on Himalaya

I also wrote about this story on my serial publication, “MISO SOUP IN THE WORLD“(in Japanese), to sekaishinbun.net (世界新聞). Please check that out as well. Here is a village called Upper Pisang at 3300m altitude on Himalaya mountain range. I made miso soup at a guesthouse where my husband and I stayed and served it […]

Nepali Woman Tries Miso on Himalaya

I brought miso to Himalaya trekking for 22days too. When we were having a rest during the trek while eating a little bit of miso, a lady passenger started talking to us in Nepali. I had no clue what she was saying, but asked her if she also wants to eat the miso we had. […]