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How to make Pakari

Pakari is like Japanese tempra. Any fresh seasonal vegetable can be cooked with spices and mustard oil and eat while it’s hot! It has distinct flavor from Japanese tempra and it is very tasty. <Ingredients> mustard oil water eggplant or any seasonal vegetable onion green onion tempra power salt black peppar haldi power <Preparation> Slice […]

How to Make Kheer, Sugata Milk-rice

Milk-rice, kheer in Hindi, is a very sweet, nutritious and tasty Indian dessert that is made of rice and some dried fruit like raisons and coconuts cooked in milk. This dessert is considered very important in India and in Buddhism because of one story about Gotama Siddhartha receiving kheer from Sugata. Sugata who lived in […]

How to Make Indian Chicken Curry

I would like to share a recipe of a REAL checkin curry that I learned from an Indian person who lives in Bodhgaya, India. She is a wife of Mr. Indeara who’s got a nickname of “drunken uncle”. I’ve never asked the wife’s name considering the Indian culture not to ask wive’s names so easily. […]