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Deliver the Local Women the Skills and Jobs! – Activity at Sewing Center

Source: Ken’s blog on Jan 23rd I would like to introduce one of my guesthouse mates’ activity. I am glad if you can feel that there are many options to live and work after reading this post. Let’s name her M, who is just 28 years old, stays at the same guesthouse as us. M […]

Hindu Style Wedding: Paraded on Streets with Laud Speakers

Source: Ken’s blog on Jan 21st. It is special postings of the wedding. It is finally the main wedding day. The ritual event has been held among the family members and monks and women to sing songs until today, the ceremony will be open for any possible person in town. Like it was exciting for […]

Hindu Style Wedding: Look at The Old Indian Lady’s Serious Face

Source: Ken’s blog on Jan 20th It is the second day of the wedding ceremony. Hindu monk showed up and the ritual finally became full-scaled. I also felt that those Indian women’s facial expressions were very exotic and amazing. The couple followed the instruction not to wash the turmeric paintings away and waited for a […]

Indian are Excited, Japanese Couple Have a Wedding in Hindu Style

Source: Ken’s blog on Jan 18th We ran back to Bodhgaya from Varanasi for a wedding ceremony that was going to be held by a Japanese couple in Hindu style! The place of the wedding was Sugata village (official name is Bakrour) where is half an hour away from the central Bodhgaya. I have been […]

I Made Miso Curry to Kids at an Orphanage

Hello, I’m going to report how I made miso curry this time from India! To see the original text, visit MISO SOUP IN THE WORLD > 世界新聞 for my article. Although India is famous for it’s rapid economic growth which is often referred to be the fastest among the other countries in the past, at […]