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Indian Train Trip and Snacks

We spent one and a half month already in Bodhgaya since we’ve arrived at India. Because Bodhgaya locates in the north, it gets cold like in winter in Tokyo. We decided to make a train trip for 41 hours toward south to relax at somewhere warm and nice. This time I will write about how […]

Business class or executive class? Enjoyable train trip between Yogyakarta and Jakarta

It is only 10 hours duration and brings you from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. There are train schedules on the daytime or nighttime, but I strongly recommend to take the daytime because the scenery is just beautiful. Another thing I want to recommend to those who are on budget is the business class over the executive. […]

A cheap way to enter Mongolia from China

The very first thing we, as backpackers, try to do is to find out what’s fun and interesting about the places we stop by. The second thing that comes up in our mind is this question, “Is it affordable?”.  So here is our case. We decided to go to Mongolia because what’s out there seemed […]