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French Roommates Try the Soup!

This became our first time making miso soup for someone on the trip. They are from France and were our roommates at a guesthouse we stayed in Ulan Bator. I knew they were going to like it because they told me that they even went to a Japanese restaurant after arriving at Ulan Bator. Yes, […]

A meal in Inner Mongolia in China

This happened to be the first time and the last time to eat out in Inner Mongolia for us. The lam meat smelt nice and strong, the spice was perfectly merged into the meat and soup. At the end it created very mild taste although it is spicy. The meal costed almost the same price […]

Go to a country side, work as a volunteer, stay with a family -Mongolia-

Have you ever heard about “Workaway” which you can basically work as a volunteer and get food and a bed in return? It is a great way to meet anyone who is willing to show you a nomad way of life in Mongolia. It is perfect for budget tourists especially when you are a type […]